Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oregon Desert Hot Springs: Biological explanation for neurophysiological questions, including bliss, ecstasy (MDMA) and 'harmonizing and brightening'

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I tend to a biological explanation for neurophysiological questions, including bliss, ecstasy (MDMA) and 'harmonizing and brightening,' - and away from a complementary, duality explanation (e.g. highs and lows necessitate the other, or are somehow complementary) for states of bodymind.

Here are an array of blog entries which explore related questions vis-a-vis:

Omega fatty acids - which are harmonizing and brightening, in my experience.

ecstasy (MDMA - methylene dioxy meth amphetamines)

In my experience, given these omega 3 fatty acids, & MDMA experiences, - and, for example, anti-depressants, alcohol, the relaxation response, to name just a few, I don't engage a dualistic understanding of something like enlightenment without depression, or related. As I see it, our bodyminds are millions of years old and are biological systems. Evolutionary biology and language make our bodyminds complex, especially in human social contexts. The relaxation response (and related Quaker silent meeting, for example) are (or can be) enjoyable processes which have salutary effects on bodyminds - Enlightenment? Lots of music.

In a related vein, exploring how to elicit the neurophysiology of loving bliss, naturally, is an ongoing focus of inquiry for me: And here are 5 related letters about this:

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