Thursday, January 6, 2011

Antilophia bokermanni: Other aspects of field work

Harbin ethnography:

... Interviews also allowed me insight into character of, and differences between, individuals, mediated by language, in ways that participant observation might only superficially provide insight into.

In addition to the above interviews, I've taken copious field notes, about many aspects of Harbin life vis-a-vis my ethnographic field work / pool play. The longest record of field notes is “Harbin Journal 2007-2008” and is 440 pages long. In them I cover a wide range of topics, including everything from asking for permission from Harbin to write this ethnography, to my observations of Harbin New Age practices. A rich record, these notes bring me back, in a very real virtual sense, to fascinating and edifying moments from the past at Harbin; much would be forgotten otherwise. Notetaking as a form of ethnography is invaluable. Virtual Harbin transcript production, with permission, will make possible another set of resources. Focus groups, as another methodology, may well be a fascinating way to further explore the culture of Harbin, especially in virtual worlds.

The ways in which ethnographic methodologies will diverge, as well as articulate, vis-a-vis actual and virtual Harbin offer a rich opportunity to further explore the virtual and actual, methodologically. ...

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