Sunday, January 30, 2011

Camel Mother & Son: How to get to that space of love much of the time - an abundance and a flourishing, socioculturally, Freedom, Creative Milieus

How to get to that space of a lot of love much of the time - an abundance and a flourishing, socioculturally - when human bodyminds go in so many other directions? ... Grateful Dead concerts & some Raga might be 2 real examples that touch on this.

There's a freedom, a music which moves & touches people, a different code - which is perhaps most important - dancing, at times (physical touch can be part of Dead concerts & possibly raga concerts), words & symbols that touch on love, and, at times, elicit transcendent or trippy qualities (and when these are love focused) ... where great shivers can run down your spine, and the world can become alive with love.

So, creative milieus can generate love, and people can generate creative milieus ...

‎... mothers, too, generate such loving neurophysiology ... in large measure, in my experience ... and from what I've observed ...

And we humans (we human primates) do learn - a lot ... the information technology revolution is predicated on a lot of learning ...

How to ease into learning love, and, even, learning loving bliss neurophysiology - openly, freely, with enjoyment & even naturally?

A wiki subject at WUaS on 'Loving Bliss Eliciting' is one way -

accessible here, as well: :)

And here are the growing WUaS Grateful Dead

and Raga -

subjects - all accessible here: :) ... where such easing and learning can be very enjoyable ...

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