Sunday, January 9, 2011

Singing dog: Eric Whitacre is virtual choir-ing (& composing:), Let's build on this here at WUaS:

Eric Whitacre is virtual choir-ing (& composing:) ... let's build on this here at WUaS: and in the World University Music School

Here are the about 1505 virtual choir entries as of January 9:


To Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir page in FB: ...

I was a little too shy to sing in this, but singers might be interested in this Virtual Choir subject at World University and School - - where we all can potentially sing together from our homes, whenever - weekly, for example.

If someone would like to help organize it, drawing on Eric's approaches, this wiki page is a great beginning for this.

WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW ... where you can teach, add, or learn ... simply 'edit this page.'

At the virtual choir subject, there's a calendar, for example, and growing resources ...

Would someone like to be the choir director? Eric?

It's an open, learning experience ... :)


... pulling your 'Rise Up Singing' off the shelf & beginning to sing is fun ... and when we can easily do this together online, whenever, it may be very fun ...


WUaS is on your initiative ... ... please help orchestrate this ...


an online Music School also needs a lot of reliable, fast bandwidth ...

( - January 9, 2011)

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