Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No Tides: Here On The Ridge In Canyon

Here On The Ridge In Canyon

Here on the ridge in Canyon,
there are no tides,
and still the ocean calls, ~
the rise and fall of the water
on the land, over billions of years.

Fast, little sailboats,
Laser-like and intimate
with the ocean,
dance in our minds,
moving swiftly, ~
our bodies alive
with these craft ~
sailing high
against the wind, -
heading so high.

Tides rise and fall,
and these boats
don't care.
With sail, they're
too fast, too agile,
and make us skippers
of our lives.

Moon pulls,
earth turns,
and revolves
around the sun ~
the sky is clear and dark,
and the stars shine ~
life regenerates,
and the tides ebb and flow.

Here high on the ridge in Canyon
where the oceans call,
sailboats dance in our minds.



( - March 4, 2009)

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