Sunday, July 17, 2011

Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park: Practicing a musical instrument, Two sets of ideas here at WUaS's Music page, and Inspiring?

Some further approaches to practicing a musical instrument ...

besides the two sets of ideas here at World University and School's Music, wiki, Subject page:

Buttwinick, Marty. 2009. Guidelines For Practicing A Musical Instrument.

Marsalis, Wynton and Yo-Yo Ma. 2010. Guidelines for practicing a musical instrument.

How to make practicing fun, inspiring and regenerative?

For me it would be to make it




and inspiring.

How might the internet facilitate this?


Marsalis and Ma's first suggestion of seeking out private instruction would make it social.

Seeking until one finds a teacher who is a good fit makes sense.

(At Scottish Country Dancing recently, the teacher was very good, anticipating individual needs, making the movements clear, and keeping the energy positive, even when correcting).

Teachers can do so much.

A milieu, like an ensemble of musicians, which is supportive and rich in information can help.

Such a socioculture can offer and further goals, provide resources like music and ideas, and facilitate a rich musical conversation.


Slowing down youtube videos would be one way to learn music you enjoy.

And playing with a teacher or ensemble online could also work, increasing the number of possible musical conversants.


Find playful, skillful teachers and ensembles, and join with gradually.


Find inspiring, skillful teachers and ensembles, and join with gradually.

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