Saturday, September 17, 2011

Central Sikhote-Alin, Russia: Music School Collaboration?, Envisioning Society Anew, Atheism & Religion, Phil of Science, New WUaS PATENTING subject

... was thinking in yoga resting pose this morning how a collaboration between UC Berkeley's Music School and online World Univ & Sch (beginnings are here: might make free degrees online available, - in a lot of instruments and subjects, as well!


"Nobody - not just from the left, but from anywhere - has come forward and tried to grab the public imagination with a vision of a different way to organise and manage society." - - (How about an open, free university and school in all languages, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, where we can all teach and learn to each other, as well - of which these are the beginnings - ?)


I added this NYT's Gutting blog piece about Dawkins and Kitcher - - as reference to World Univ & Sch's Religious Studies' subject page - - and this and an additional Kitcher interview to World Univ & Sch's Philosophy of Science - - wiki, subject page. and added another MIT OCW course on 'Philosophical Issues in Brain Science' ( to WUaS's Philosophy of Science, wiki, subject page, as well.


New 'Patenting,' wiki Subject at World Univ & Sch - - with article "The America Invents Act: Turning Ideas into Jobs" by Quentin Palfrey and links to World Univ.'s Law School, here: ... with an invitation to 'edit this page' at wiki WUaS.

( - September 17, 2011)

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