Thursday, September 22, 2011

Djoudj Bird Sanctuary, Senegal: WUaS provides interactive, online, course content for Univs. & countries (accredited eventually.), Pandora, Hindi

World Univ & Sch provides interactive, online, course content

for Universities and countries (accredited eventually),

and potentially faculty,

in virtual worlds.

In addition to the Humanities/Social Sciences and Science courses (in the <2000 MIT OCW),

WUaS is beginning to develop academic programs in Engineering,

Sustainable Agriculture,




Would your university like to add an online, academic program?

Every academic subject can become a program, and there's a lot at MIT OCW.


Pandora's free music, with artist-related channels, dropped its cap on hours of listening ...

Pandora can take you 'places' :)

(You'll find Pandora here -

and see also -


Want to teach or learn something right now,

and on a video-capable handheld computer? ...

Start a new subject?

Go ahead ...

It's all possible here - -

and there's so much here already,

but not very much in other languages, yet.

So, please, here's an invitation to teach (or learn) away,

by editing a WUaS page.


Hindi as a key first language at WUaS? - - ....

India, Vedic, yoga & Sanskrit connections?

( - September 22, 2011)

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