Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pitons, Saint Lucia: Tibetan Buddhist man chanting, Words had an effect on his brain/bodymind, Loving Bliss & Practicing, And wtih thinking?

As I walked into a nice Tibetan store this eve in Berkeley, I saw the Tibetan Buddhist man behind the counter chanting. He's so friendly, but what I found interesting was that he seemed to create or generate his good will via his chanting, as if these words or songs had an effect on his brain/bodymind - which made me think further that we can create loving bliss via practice :)

How so, this good will, and much more, with thinking?


He hasn't been back to Tibet in 10 years, because he can't get a visa due to China's intransigence ... I hope Tibet will open ...

( - September 21, 2011)

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