Sunday, September 18, 2011

Uvs Nuur Basin, Russia: Working with Quaker kids, Free Degrees at WUaS, Other Benefits for Friends / Quakers

Hi R & All,

I'll be there to work with the SF Friends' Meeting (Quaker) kids this Sunday around 10:30.

(In a related vein, it would be fun eventually to possibly grow the SFFM kids' program into the weekdays for f/Friends, and for paid childcare work opportunities, too, - and for the children of f/Friendly WUaS knowledge workers, as World Univ & Sch grows.

I'd like for startup World Univ & Sch, as its fundraising and grant writing grow & take off, to hold WUaS Business Meetings & some organizational meetings at the SF 9th Street Meeting House, (and other Meeting Houses around the world, even). For this, a weekday childcare program could become very helpful for these occasional F/friendly knowledge workers at SFFM. Much of World Univ & Sch will be online and placeless, and in virtual worlds like Science Sim.

To this end, I'd like to designate you, R, as co-clerk, with me, of the "World Univ & Sch's Start Flying at SFFM Committee from a Place of Regeneration" (given health issues), for both WUaS at SFFM organization & finances, unless you, too, conscientiously object. (You're wonderful, R :)

WUaS plans to offer free, online degrees (Bachelors, Ph.D., Law & Medicine) for everyone/Quaker kids, with its first matriculating class in 2014 (to graduate possibly about 100 students 4 years later).

SFFM / f/Friends / Quaker kids would benefit from these free degrees, and related information technology-informed, knowledge generation, a f/Friendly-informed, startup, online University (so, wiki & MIT OCW-informed), rent, and potential further Friendly employment opportunities at SFFM with good jobs. A lot depends on initial, or eventual, fundraising & funding sources (hence my trip to Friends' Fiduciary's 'The Pearl Within,' etc.). )

So, thank you for this opportunity to work with SFFM children (- and to seeing how the way will open with online, creative teaching & learning among Friends, with free degrees).

See you September 18. :)

With friendly greetings,

( - September 18, 2011)

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