Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dolphin: People with first languages other than English, UC Berkeley Professor Terrence Deacon's "Incomplete Nature: HOW MIND EMERGED FROM MATTER"

... is beginning to invite people with first languages other than English

to build wiki World Univ & Sch,

and is excited that people are interested -

UC Berkeley, as one of the great universities - -

that WUaS would like to particularly engage,

has so many students from so many different languages around the world,

many of whom will make great student managers,

and volunteer community builders (like Wikipedia),

as WUaS begins to hire.

‎... with an invitation to invite friends, Wikipedians, and people you know from afar, to teach, start a university/school in their language, and create teaching & learning-wise at WUaS :)

... musicians and linguists, too! :)


Fascinating, new book by UC Berkeley Professor Terrence Deacon

"Incomplete Nature: HOW MIND EMERGED FROM MATTER" - -

will add to World University & School's Consciousness subject page ...

and perhaps its Biological Anthropology wiki page, as well - ...


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