Monday, February 20, 2012

Shetland cod: Scottish country dancing - good introduction, new Scottish country dancing page @ WUaS, Universal translator & AI, Pibroch Sheet Music

Scottish country dancing - good introduction ...

with instruction ...

new Scottish country dancing wiki subject page at WUaS ...


Winter Storm 2008 Ceol Beag Andrew Lee

Such fine piping -


Hilarious, and well shot, video, -

condom bagpipe

which I haven't yet added to WUaS's Bagpipe Tutorials -

not sure what to read in this :)...


and check out the 'Scotticism' (Wikipedia entry)-

which I just added to wiki, World University & School's 'Scots' wiki, subject page -

for open teaching & learning.

(WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW).

... used to have a t-shirt of a piper playing under a tree on a very windy day,

with his kilt pegged out like a tent, which said

"Blaw, blaw ye stormy windes, I dinna care the noo" -

('Blow, blow you stormy winds, I don't give a hoot' ?)

which I'm guessing is an example of Scotticism :)


These will indeed be fascinating AI programming challenges for an universal translator ...

(Translating colloquialisms in a universal translator,

from and to all 3,000-8,000+ languages,

will indeed make for a lot of creative programming and artificial intelligence) ...



Out of a possible 23 Piobaireachds on 2 of

Donald MacLeod's "Classic Collection of Piobaireachd Tutorials" (Vols. 1 & 2) CDs,

I was able to download sheet music for 11 pieces from this very useful Patrick McLaurin Tune Database Search -

which you'll also find with other piping sheet music possibilities at World Univ & Sch's Bagpipe Tutorials -

... so cool ...

Now to play with wee Donald and learn ... :)


I'm looking further for Piobaireachd Society sheet music online (relating to Vols. 1&2 above, for ex.), as well as for Donald MacLeod's "Classic Collection of Piobaireachd Tutorials" with Cantaireachd (relating to Piobaireachd Society Books 4&7, and which isn't so far on iTunes, for ex.), and these also both by the piece ... if you happen to know of sources :)


Listen to great Piobaireachd here ...

at WUaS's Piobaireachd wiki page,

where I hope we'll link over time a few good examples of all Ceol Mor ... :)

Check out "The Desperate Battle," for example ...

"Was that the Kenny MacLean who took the gold at Oban in 1974?" :)


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