Monday, February 6, 2012

Seals on beach: New 'Scotland' page at WUaS, Cold, wintery Edinburgh, Jean Redpath's singing

New 'Scotland' page at WUaS - -

(which you access through the main, WUaS Nation States's (ALL) page - -

and not the main Subjects' page -,

with multiple, other links to other WUaS Scottish pages (bagpiping, language, etc.),

and with a focus, for one, on understanding Scottish Independence (1997),

but open as wiki.

Burns, John F. and Alan Cowell. 2012. Scots Begin Bid for Vote on Independence. ( January 26. New York, NY: New York Times.

The new Scots' parliament building is beautiful.

It's also the beginning of Scotland World University and School.

Whether it becomes an online university or remains an online school,

and emerges also in Scots or Scottish Gaelic, etc.,


are open possibilities.


Cold, wintery Edinburgh ... and a woman's voice ... ...

(probably won't post this to the new,

Scotland World University & School page ... ) ...

but you can, if you like, by editing this page ...


kinda interesting ... Scottish recipes - ... probably won't add to WUaS "Foods" - ...


This is great ... from the alternative cafe "The Forest" in Edinburgh, Scotland :)


Happy birthday, Rabbie Burns ... ... will add to upcoming - ...


Such a beautiful and fine voice from Jean Redpath,

Leaving the Land

with many samples of her singing here - -

may add here to

( - February 6, 2012)

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