Friday, February 10, 2012

Draco volens: Bringing the party to you, WUaS musical jamming, Canadian Brass- The Saints go marching

Bringing the party to you ...

World Univ & Sch has a musical jamming subject page,

where you'll be able to hop into a jam,

as well as learn jamming by playing -

as well as open learning about most fun subjects - -

of our creation because we can add them, -

and much more, with creative, digital open-endedness -

as well as MIT OCW ...

come in to the party and play :)


It's the generation of,

and rich learner/teacher engagement with,

WUaS's, wiki, Subject pages

in developing, CREATIVE ways,

as well as in GROWING numbers

(Wikipedia is in 281 LANGUAGES),

that will help give unfolding, flourishing form to WUaS.

(Each (many) language(s) becomes its own Universities/Schools at WUaS -

with an invitation to edit a page.

WUaS is planning to be in at least 3,000-8,000 languages.


Canadian Brass- The Saints go marching

Play or jam with this online?


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