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Clingfish: Anant Agarwal: Why massive open online courses (still) matter, MOOCs!!! because ... WUaS and MOOCs, Old School, New School learning?, 'Theories of Learning,' 'Proof of Educational Information Technologies' Effectiveness,' 'Media Lab at WUaS,' The new school is YOU wiki teaching, Highlights of some key benefits of MOOCs per this talk, in addition to scaling, and then compare with WUaS's approaches and potential collaborations

Anant Agarwal: Why massive open online courses (still) matter



because ...

... will highlight some key benefits of MOOCs per this talk, in addition to scaling, and then compare with WUaS's approaches and potential collaborations ...

Anant Agarwal

Re-envisioning education


Nigerians now have access due to the internet


Blended model to re-imagine what goes on in the classroom

What's changed is ACCESS


from lectures online blackboard to online exercises and online videos

interactive virtual laboratories

online grading

peer interaction

come into classroom for in person interaction

8:45 - active learning

9:15 - self-pacing

9:58 - instant feedback

10:30 - green checkmark for instant feedback

11:30 - ramification - online labs for creativity and design, for example

12:00 - peer learning

14:00 - business aspect - license these MOOCs to other universities

from lecture halls to digital interaction …


Thanks, radiant Heartsong, for your email about Anant's talk above ...

Methinks we're on the same wavelength ... saw this earlier today and have added it to WUaS here ...

Theories of Learning - - and here-

Proof of Educational Information Technologies' Effectiveness -

Heartsong, is Anant new school or old? ... conversing, great teachers and students aren't enough in the picture ... in my view in the old / new school transmorphations ... :)

The new school is you wiki teaching ... :) ...

'New Age' Explorations - ? ) ... or

Epigenetics ... ... or

e=mc cubed ... or

Watsu ...  :)

And the old school is riffing on MIT OCW and the Media Lab at WUaS anew ... ... and in any of 7,105 languages :)



WUaS and MOOCs!!!

engage MIT OCW in video and audio (~150 undergraduate and graduate courses - and MIT OCW's 2,150 courses (, and build on these ... with high achieving students interested in (free), Creative Commons' licensed MIT OCW-centric degrees.

engage the above MOOC-ification processes ... on the Creative Commons' licensed side of free, online learning ...

And include, on the degree side, and matriculated student side ...

... a kind of Reed College-informed undergraduate education, where students learn to write in the required, first year Humanities' 101 course, and science and how to program in the required, first year Biology course, and then take 32 courses, junior qualifying exams, and write a senior thesis in all academic disciplines. 

Create a culture and grow the learning conversation between people, teachers and learners ...

Google group video Hangout + face-to-face interaction for matriculated students

Include Media Lab at MIT ( related making of technologies to this traditional approach to education.

Learning opportunities for teachers at WUaS, and in all languages ... and cultivate the unique and amazing potential for inter-lingual, academic conversation ... 

Combine this with the wiki side of WUaS, where YOU or anyone can teach at WUaS, begin a subject, create educationally in new ways ... i.e. YOU can teach and/or create a new, wiki, subject page, and in any language ...

And, business-wise, fundraise from governments around the world in all (242? countries - in offering free, online MIT OCW-centric education ...



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