Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gangetic dolphins: WUaS in the Hindi language, India, Computer Science subjects at WUaS eventually in languages in India


Very nice to be in communication, and it was very nice to have met you in the city of Gaya's train station (with all those people sleeping in colorful sleeping bags) on your way back to Dehli. Are you in the midst of computer science courses now? (I found the nearby city of Bhodgaya also beautiful). It was interesting to learn from you that the state of Bihar doesn't have a central university.  Do you know if the new state of Jharkhand, created out of the state of Bihar in the year 2000, has a central university?

Here's the Hindi language wiki subject page at World University and School - - which is currently in English, and eventually planned for Hindi, and as a large, MIT OCW-centric (also with courses in Hindi), online university. 

And here's the beginning 'India Law School at WUaS' -

Are here are some Computer Science related wiki subject pages at WUaS and their main WUaS links - 

Computer Science - 

Programming - 

Hacking - 

Artificial Intelligence - 

Software Libraries - 

Check out all the MIT OCW courses on some of these. 

Let's stay in communication about Creative Commons' licensed, MIT OCW-centric ( World University and School in Hindi, especially, with an invitation to focus some pages and teach to it. 

Are you back in Dehli now? 



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