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Annual Appeal, Open WUaS monthly business meeting, tomorrow 12/13 at 9am PT

Dear Universitians and friends, 


WUaS recently received the Gold participation level through the GuideStar Exchange (affiliated with the IRS) - 

MIT OCW-centric World University and School's December Annual Appeal is attached, and is also posted below in the body of this email.

We need your help. You can make 501 (c) (3), U.S., federal, tax-deductible contributions directly to World University and School, P.O. Box 442, (86 Ridgecrest Road), Canyon, California, 94516. Alternately, you can give through Fidelity Charitable Giving at 800-952-4438, through Vanguard Mutual Funds at 800-662-2739, or by credit card or PayPal account here at  

WUaS is actively posting to Twitter here - (and also here -

BPPE documentation (Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education in the state of California) is next to be submitted toward WUaS accreditation toward receiving undergraduate applications for this autumn 2015 for free (since C.C.) MIT OCW-centric bachelor's degrees. 

Students will be taking 32 of these courses over 4 years - - for free (C.C.) and MIT-centric, online, accrediting, WUaS undergraduate degrees, in English, (then in other languages - 

The College at World University and School - 


Thank you for joining the World University and School team. WUaS would like to invite you to participate in our hour-long, monthly, business meeting on Saturday, December 13th, beginning at 9 a.m., PST / 12 noon EST. 

This month we'll meet in Free Conference Call. 

The Free Conference Call number is - (605) 562-0020 - and the 
Access Code is - 369-349-832.

And this month, I'll continue to send out a second email a few minutes prior to 9am PT with the phone number and access code, to our entire WUaS email list with the actual web address / URL of the Google + group video Hangout, as well as send a third email after business meeting with WUaS Minutes. 

You'll also find some previous monthly business meetings (conducted electronically in the manner of F/friends) as examples in Google Hangouts here - WUaS's active blog with past monthly business information is here -

The agenda for the upcoming December 13th, 2014 WUaS, monthly, business meeting is here -  

WUaS's November 2014 financial report is attached.

World University and School is looking for a new, Board member to focus on fundraising, and to actually bring in significant monies for WUaS, which you'll see on the above agenda.  

The next, open, hour-long, WUaS, monthly business meeting is on Saturday, January 12th, 2015, and will meet in Free Conference Call. 

For people on the sporadic, somewhat frequent, WUaS, email list, or who wish to be, WUaS is posting actively to both the WUaS Google Group (, and the WUaS Yahoo Group (, both of which allow for daily and weekly digests. Please join these groups for daily and weekly digests. 

Concerning this WUaS team email list, we'll generally send out business meeting emails once a month. If you'd like to receive more frequent, sporadic, WUaS emails, please reply to this email telling me so. If you could, please REPLY with UNSUBSCRIBE, or an alternative email address, if you wish NOT to receive WUaS's emails, or receive them in a different email account, - and WUaS would be very grateful. 

World University and School is planning to become the MIT / Harvard / Yale / Stanford / Oxbridge of the Internet, and in all 7,106+ languages and 242+ countries, with online, Creative Commons' licensed MIT OCW-centric, university degrees in large languages.

Free, Creative Commons' licensed, online, wiki WUaS, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, is planned for all 3,000-8,000 languages and for around 240 countries, with free degrees accrediting on C.C. MIT OpenCourseWare+, - and will help many, many people.  

Thank you again for your generous contributions interest in helping grow World University and School. 


MIT OCW-centric World University and School's December Annual Appeal:

December 2014

Dear Friend:

         Please support World University and School in its work for MIT OCW-centric, online degrees, and worldwide learning! WUaS is a global, digital, open, free-to-students, multilingual university & school, where anyone can teach or take a class or course; it's like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware. World University and School is an education and service organization that can change thousands of lives each year.
MIT OCW-centric World University & School (not endorsed by MIT) is seeking undergraduate students for free, online, MIT OCW-centric, bachelor’s degrees to apply in the autumn of 2015, for matriculation in autumn 2016 - - and is already open for learning as wiki. You or anyone can teach a course or take a class now at wiki (editable web pages) WUaS, and WUaS is planning to do this in all 7,106 + languages, and < 242 countries, potentially with many, free degrees, or at any level of education.

         We are planning five degrees - Bachelor, Law, I.B., M.D., and Ph.D. - with matriculating classes in 2016 in English.  To support these free, MIT OCW-centric, Creative Commons’ licensed degrees, WUaS seeks to raise $100,000 in our 2014 capital campaign, and $125, 000 in next years’ campaign. Come join WUaS’s Gold, Silver or Bronze Giving Circles here - - before our fiscal year ends on December 31, 2012. If you’d like to help volunteer at World University and School, we’ve recently begun the ‘Association for WUaS’ - - to help with merchandising WUaS, for example, in WUaS’s upcoming, online Bookstore / Computer store -

And World University & School plans to expand steadily to make teaching and learning materials available in every language and in most countries. WUaS is designing this educational resource to work on "One Laptop Per Child" computers in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Cambodia, & Papua New Guinea. These resources will also work on video-capable, programmable, mobile phone-like devices ("broadband video on a handheld computer"). And people in developing world countries can add their own teaching and learning resources to World University's wiki (editable, web pages). MIT Open Course Ware will be our model for degree-granting, academic, course work. With the interactive Google + video hangouts +, and virtual worlds, it's now possible to engage with almost every aspect of learning which occurs in the classroom, especially INTERACTIVELY, through group video, group voice communication, group text chat, as well as video streaming. On its own and in connection with these technologies, World University and School has the potential to generate a remarkable archive of courses over time.
We need your help. You can make 501 (c) (3), U.S., federal, tax-deductible contributions directly to World University and School, P.O. Box 442, (86 Ridgecrest Road), Canyon, California, 94516. Alternately, you can give through Fidelity Charitable Giving at 800-952-4438, through Vanguard Mutual Funds at 800-662-2739, or by credit card or PayPal account here at  
Have a question? Want to give by phone? Call me at 412 478 0116.


Scott MacLeod (Founder and President), and Larry A. Viehland (Chair of the Board)

- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  
- PO Box 442, (86 Ridgecrest Road), Canyon, CA 94516
- World University and School - like Wikipedia with MIT OpenCourseWare (not endorsed by MIT OCW) - incorporated as a nonprofit university and school in California, and is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt educational organization, both effective April 2010. 



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