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Asiatic lion: Happy Holidays, and Poetry from 2014, too!

Holiday Greetings, and Poetry from 2014, too!

Dear friends,

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

I hope this finds you well and enjoying this season wherever you are.

Love in this holiday season in the context of this old world we live in ... 

"Moehringia: "Love" in loving bliss - and generatively? ... Some characteristics of love in its best senses, Here are some wiki schools for this at WUaS - Caring and Loving - and Loving Bliss (eliciting this neurophysiology), {And how would agency as intentional causation (in philosophical senses) work vis-a-vis generating the "love" in loving bliss and in contemporary society and with information technology?}" ...


Scottish economic pragmatism over identity?

Scotland voted not to secede this year ... a win for British Isles' pragmatic economics of the Westminster establishment, now scrutinized even more closely by its northern neighbor, over Scots' identity and nationhood? Perhaps ... long complex history there. Glad this was done with a vote ...

Here are the beginning Scotland World University and School - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Scotland - along with the Scots' Gaelic World University and School - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Scottish_Gaelic - and planned as wiki schools for other languages in Scotland ...


World University and School – http://worlduniversityandschool.org - has grown over the course of 2014, but WUaS’s wee craft is still only just floating, and not yet running before the wind, in full sail.  

WUaS’s Music School - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University_Music_School - planned for all instruments in all languages, each a wiki subject page to begin, is exciting to develop ... 

And MIT OCW-centric wiki WUaS is excited about adding A.I. machine learning, and semantic web as WUaS moves from Wikia to Wikidata/Wikibase {and especially vis-à-vis a Universal Translator - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/WUaS_Universal_Translator}.

WUaS plans to send in the initial state of California BPPE accreditation documentation in January 2015. In seeking to become a MIT / Harvard of the Internet, WUaS’s free, C.C., online, university degrees in all 7, 106 + languages and 242 + will benefit so many people, - and is also a fascinating conversation and process to develop. 

WUaS is also planning to become a significant employer worldwide, perhaps double the size of IBM at 426,000 employees, for example. Online MIT OCW-centric and free (since C.C.) universities and schools in 7,106 + languages and 242 + countries is a large university. 

Quaker-informed WUaS holds open hour-long electronically-mediated online monthly business meetings on the second Saturdays - http://worlduniversityandschool.blogspot.com/search/label/Business%20Meeting - and you are welcome to join in to help make decisions and grow WUaS. 


I’m waiting to hear back from Stanford University Press about publishing my first actual / virtual Harbin 400 page ethnographic manuscript. I find Harbin inspiring and fascinating, emerging from the 1960s and 1970s as it does, and especially its pools-centric milieu and influences therein, and am planning further books and virtual Harbin in the context of virtual earth building as ethnographic field site - and as a 3D interactive movie-realistic build-able world, while planning for MIT OCW-centric digital linguistic and brain research with brain-wave head sets, for example. 

I taught again a course, the free, open, online "Information Technology, the Network Society and the Global University," on behalf of World University and School on Harvard's virtual island, as well as in a Google + group video Hangouts to participants in the U.S., Germany and Kenya this autumn. 


I continue to give bagpipe lessons in video in the SF Bay Area, about half of this in Skype or Google + Hangouts video conferencing, as well as take Skype bagpipe lessons from a teacher via the College of Piping in Scotland.  


And in a variety of ways, I continue to explore thinking out of the box ... with a focus of inquiry on eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology, here, for example - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Loving_Bliss_(eliciting_this_neurophysiology) - and here - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/search/label/loving%20bliss ... I haven't yet found the 'on/off switch,' the 'cello bow stroke,' or the dial, but listening to music is a beginning. 


My home in the east bay hills of the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the city of Oakland's watershed, in the community of Canyon, above a redwood forest, continues to be inspiring in so many ways.

Canyon, California


And I continue to blog daily - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/ - which I've been doing now for about 7 years, and which is a way to share ideas as a kind of conversation, and which I find inspiring in a variety of ways. Read some poems in the ‘Poetry’ label here - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/search/label/poetry - for example.

Here are a few of the poems I've written this year, which I think you'd enjoy ...  

Abalone: "Deciphery ... Our nest ... your poem writes," Riffing with Angela and Victor's 'Who are we anyway? ~ Who am I?,' "Who am I? I am maker of, we are makers of, World University and School As wiki ... as MIT ... in all languages"

Down feather: Soaked, floated down

Bee orchids: Two most recent poems are kinds of 1) a glow poem and 2) very loosely a potentially parallel with Meeting poem, Where o where is the generation of abundant love and joy and freedom in the world (think envisioning in India ... possibly?), Let's all melt into encounter groups and domes as young 20 year olds in Palo Alto (at Stanford) or talking with friends, bicycle commuting and living in communal houses Portland, OR (while studying at Reed), How to generate such neurophysiology abundantly these days?

Green-winged orchid: Melting in warm water harmonizing releasing oneness ~ Yes

Grass of Parnassus: Sun glow rose over golden mounts under blue sky brilliance

Space: Traveling ... to the waters

Rainbow from a desert thunderstorm: Glancing, rainbow streamers Soared

Cardinalidae: Green starboard night light

Fireflies in the night

Rosehip-honeysuckle: In the Storm the Honeysuckle Danced

In the Storm the Honeysuckle Danced

Catherine Creek, OR: Forests and grasslands, Glistening June day, Walking in Oregon dream

Old growth forests: The ones who walked away from the 7/11 near Reed College, or "Near, To, From"

Manitoulin species: Idea comes to mind

The fruit pickers at Stanford with their basket-topped long poles ...

spiral stars: Wanting to explore writing a haiku-ish inspired by the Harbin pools with words from my Dalton Friends' letter ... which is loving and caring, and about love and care …

supernova: loving Care ... haiki-ish

Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp: Playing with sound waVes in front of Stanford, tforward unfolding bliss eliciting ... :)

Eastern Great Egret: Sounds in the night in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, Tagore's "A Moments Indulgence", I lie in my bed in the home of the parents

Flowers on the sea ~ Holiday greetings 2013 !

I'm glad too to say I'm teaching a short course about World University and School at Reed College's Paideia in January 2015 as a kind of outreach.

"Pleurotus nebrodensis: Reed College's Paideia in Jan 2015, Teaching a course about WUaS there, WUaS is planning to go the CC free route as a CC MIT OCW-centric wiki, "This Country Just Abolished College Tuition Fees""



Creative Commons' licensed World University and School is becoming a growing garden of wiki (editable web pages) flourishing learning conversations for open teaching and learning ... Enjoy too the abundance and the free, MIT OCW-centric diplomas to come, and in many languages and countries.


All the best to you in the New Year and beyond, 

Scott MacLeod



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