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Hi Yana,

I think developing online face-to-face real time classes to facilitate online related community, by building on something like group G+ Hangout face-to-face video conferencing (in combination with something like G+ social networking site, with its connection to everyones' Youtube channels) has much merit for this, and which is what online wiki MIT OCW-centric World University and School will also build on in part. Here are two WUaS pages for this - - and - . (Sorry I missed the HEEC "Brainstorm Session: Focus on the Distance Students" in the Google Hangout) What are your thoughts about such an approach as this?


C.C. MIT OCW-centric wiki World University and School seeks to become the Harvard / MIT of the internet and in all 7,106 languages and 242 countries.

Making Distance Students part of the Harvard Community!

Graduate Student at Harvard Extension School, President of Harvard Extension Environmental Club
Doing Harvard Extension School as a distance student can be very challenging (I've done it myself!). And perhaps, the biggest difference from a "traditional" program is that you don't really feel connected to the broader Harvard Community. As a student group, HEEC has the desire and the capacity to make this connection work! But we can't do it without you! We need your ideas and suggestions! Right now we are tentatively scheduling an online Brainstorm Session for early December.

(While this conversation no longer is accessible - ...

I'm curious how Yana, its initiator who's first language is Russian - - and I might come further into conversation about this particularly in Russian, her native language at the Russian language WUaS -


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