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Myrica: Reed College Solstice party conversation and WUaS overview, 2 wings - a) Wiki schools in 7,106+ languages and b) CC MIT OCW-centric university degrees, "WUaS Universal Translator," "Music School," "Future" wiki subjects at WUaS, WUaS is planning to leave our current Wikia wiki ... and WUaS is planning to offer free (since CC) online degrees per, for example, "This Country Just Abolished College Tuition Fees" ...

Hi Allen, 

Thanks for your email, and great to meet you at the Reed College solstice party. 

Thinking of MIT OCW-centric wiki World University and School as having two main wings can be fruitful - a) open wiki schools planned for all 7,106 languages on the one hand each a wiki page to begin - and b) CC MIT OCW-centric accrediting WUAS online university degrees - for bachelor, Ph.D., law and M.D. as well as I.B. high school diplomas, first in English then in U.N. and large languages - accrediting in many of the 242 countries of the world, on the other. CC Wikipedia is in 288 languages and CC MIT OCW is in at least 8 non-English languages. CC WUaS has about 685 pages, almost all in English at this point.

Cash-strapped for about 6 years now (and WUaS hasn't hired yet), WUaS hasn't been able to move out of the current free Wikia wiki to the newly developed (in the past two years) inter-lingual C.C. Wikidata/Wikibase wiki designed for Wikipedia's languages. 

Community will grow face-to-face richly in group video with the WUaS matriculated classes, planned first in English at the undergraduate level, applying in the autumn of 2015 - see for example - (click on the Reed College label, for example) - and many other blog entries here about a variety of creative developments at WUaS.

The wiki schools' aspect of WUaS is also generative of conversation (and thus a kind of community) as open learning and teaching (think Reed's Paideia - education in a broad sense - but as wiki) ... 

WUaS's format will be Wikipedia-informed since their new CC inter-lingual database is far-reaching ... and for many other reasons, including building an universal translator ( as well as WUaS planning a Music School ( with each instrument a wiki subject page to begin, potentially in each of all languages. ..

I think free (since CC - Creative Commons' licensed) and MIT (OCW) degrees online ( will attract the right participants (high achievers interested in ideas and STEM as well as knowledge generation and even engineering careers) over time - since WUaS would like them to commit to taking 32 courses (and WUaS will be paying BPPE and especially WASC senior a per student per annum fee that WUaS won't want to throw away through attrition). 

As an example of an open wiki subject at WUaS and how WUaS works, vis-a-vis your interests, here's the "Future" wiki subject - - with currently one MIT OCW course - - and where you can add resources, or teach to your web camera, for example, and generate both community, as well as knowledge- or creative-oriented conversations about this in new ways, for example. Or you could start a new related subject, linking this on this page here - Student interns in the WUaS degree programs (eventually in large languages), or volunteers, for example, may well further develop these "Future" pages further, and as the Future unfolds (does the future unfold?:). 

Thanks very much for your thinking about and focus of inquiry on WUaS ... and I look forward to reading your further questions, observations and thoughts, given the above plans. 

Thanks and cheers.

Best regards, 

Here's WUaS's blog - 

and here's WUaS on Twitter - 


Here's Allen's initial email to which the above is a reply:


I was glad to meet you and enjoyed talking. I looked briefly at I think it has great potential, but it's unclear how to arrange for that potential to be realized. Ideally, the better mouse trap is in place, so the customers will come and make the venture succeed. But until there are enough participants to make it useful (granted, just having the links to the MIT courses provides some usefulness, albeit limited), it is not all that compelling. I don't mean to be discouraging, but I see this as a challenge that must be overcome, and I'm not convinced it will be automatically overcome by presenting the site to the world. Maybe that will suffice, but I would not take it for granted. If you have plans for dealing with this issue, I'm interested in hearing about them. ...



Heartsong's thinking in relation to these emails above vis-a-vis fundraising too -

Sorry to eves-drop on your como with Allen, Scott; ... I sensed that Allen's feedback prompted a "bifurcation" thought  / idea in me about how "degrees-of-education" are "graduated" or "de-graded { de-graduated } "... Each choice-nexus has a simplistic-choice-point , where the knowledge is going to become simpler or more complex.  Depending upon the level of aliveness derived,  by listening --to or delving-into a realm ; this is the" place-point"  where "value"  is assigned . Either by the "giver" [the Source where the knowledge is transmitted] ; or the "receiver" [ the Body which resonates in time/space ] ; a value- match is chosen [at that "place-point" is made .  
That value-match / place-point is where  WUaS could facilitate the up-grade [into education] , or the down-grade [into horizontal-information] .  
       Education leads [from the nexus-point] into principles,  which guide & govern,  the tools or parameters of a greater awareness ; while " horizontal-information"  leads to " forms & formulas "  which provide immediate [ or nearly-immediate] results . 
      WUaS  could " shepherd : the givers and receivers up to the place-points  where a nexus-choice is about to be made . At that" Point" , the choice to " Pay-up" or " Pay-down" is made. 
At that "Point" , a commercial-spot is transmitted ;  then the Pay-down is offered :  if the "Receiver" of the previous segment of knowledge, wants further " information " about what  "Horizontal-packages" are available : i.e. the tools, lay-out of resources required [$ , fees, permits, safety-regulations, local-jurisdictions, up-date contact-persons, etc.] , the "Receiver" can pay for this information [via a "Service-provider" ; ...
      Then the Pay-up is offered : if  the "Receiver" sees "value" [at this point-place-in-time] , then he/she is offered to pay for further-education principles [ accessing awareness to greater realms of reality ] ..." greater " [in knowing value-realms such as : security ; sensation; power; feeling-centering; expression-communication; etc..] higher education.

Thanks for the platform to express my theories...   Heartsong


Per the above emails, WUaS is planning to leave our current Wikia wiki ...


All 7,106 + languages and 242 countries' WUaS is planning to be free per, for example, "This Country Just Abolished College Tuition Fees" ...

Astragalus: Remarkable parallels between free K-12 public schools in the US. and public libraries, as well as free university around the world - e.g. "This Country Just Abolished College Tuition Fees," WUaS would like to become the online Harvard / MIT / Stanford / Oxbridge of the Internet



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