Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Epilobium: Harbin, Pool heating - {for Watsu, water shiatsu, for home?}, Want to sing more, and just for learning, and eventually sharing?

Heading to Harbin today for the first time in this new year :) ... waiting to hear back from Stanford University Press about my actual / virtual Harbin ethnographic manuscript ... excited to explore making a virtual Harbin as ethnographic field site, as part of a 3D interactive, movie-realistic, build-able virtual earth, and as classrooms and research sites, vis-a-vis WUaS ...


How to generate the effects of Harbin's warm water pools at home besides from your bath tub {and eventually while visiting a virtual Harbin}?


Pool heating ...  {for a kind of Watsu, water shiatsu, from home?}

Marc (in French-speaking Switzerland),

So nice of you to video conference on my birthday, so that I could participate in your New Year's Eve ceremonies and at midnight near Geneva from the San Francisco Bay Area! Thank you!

Concerning pool heating, this seems germane:

The 3rd type of heater is my favorite by far. This heater is the Pool Heat Pump,

The 1st most popular heating system would be the gas pool heaters, or LP (liquid propane).

The 2nd type of heater would be the solar heater.

And some further ideas:

Take Advantage of Floor Return Lines

Utilize a Solar Cover
I've added these ideas to the "Watsu_-_water_shiatsu" wiki school at WUaS ...

 Bonne année et bonne santé!

Warm regards,


Want to sing more, and just for learning, and eventually sharing and singing with others (and online), and with online resources?

I've been singing from the book -

"Rise Up Singing: 1200 Songs! Words, Chords, Sources" (1988) -

with the following "stations" on the great free music channel station (may not be accessible in Europe) -

Pete Seeger channel

Pentangle channel

Steeleye Span channel

(and you can also probably find most of the lyrics from these songs online, and many of the songs by these groups on Youtube too).

{Other current favorite channels, but not for singing, but for a kinds of bliss

Nikhil Bannerjee raga

Doyle Lawson bluegrass

Acoustic Blues

John Fahey guitar,

plus many more}

... yet Pandora's Grateful Dead channel (with much better selection on Youtube), for example, isn't so great ... and so also not great for singing with for learning...


Singing at WUaS ...


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