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Gray wolf: Reed College Paideia "Zombie" films' class, "Film," "Consciousness," and "Philosophy" wiki subjects/schools at WUaS, "Zombies" entry Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy in, 18 of the 80 references in this "Zombies"' SEP entry contain the word "Zombies" in them

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for your email and your Reed College Paideia Zombie films' class. Great that Nico next to me was even beginning to look like a Zombie (do you know his email - he's a math major) ... Is this partly due to Reed Zombie films' culture ? ...  Sorry you weren't feeling well that evening or the next day either.

In terms of questions I asked, I'm curious too about the meme (replicating cultural unit, a word that Dawkin's among others coined) idea and Zombie culture, and at Reed ... Here are some thoughts about memes in my blog - - as well as more about World University and School.

Want to focus a Zombie section on World University and School's "Film" wiki subject page/school - (accessible here from the main Subjects' wiki page - 

Check out the Yale and MIT OpenCourseWare and the related WUaS subject page links on this film page to get an idea of how WUaS is structured. You could begin simply by adding 1 or 2 favorite Zombie film titles to the Zombies' section I just added here.

I may add a Zombies' section to the Consciousness ( and to the 
Philosophy ( subjects/schools at WUaS ... 

Thanks for mentioning the "Zombies" entry Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy in Zombies are a fascinating example of qualia vis-a-vis questions of consciousness ... (Look up "Qualia," for example, here in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, as well :). 18 of the 80 references in this "Zombies"' SEP entry contain the word "Zombies" in them.

Zombie films offer such interesting ways to engage philosophical questions of consciousness!

Cool and interesting that my Reed alumnus email comes through to my Gmail. 

Where did you learn to speak French? 


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On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 1:30 PM, Amanda S. wrote:

Thank you for taking the time to come by and introduce yourself. I truly enjoyed your presence in the class! I’m sorry I didn’t make it to yours, I wasn’t feeling well.
Your questions were excellent and thought-provoking, and very much appreciated.
Your organization (World University and School) seems wonderful, I’m truly sorry I didn’t make it!



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