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Riccia species: "University faculty who are accessing Watson's free APIs and doing interesting things in student projects are getting preference for IBM faculty awards," Free IBM Watson Developer Cloud APIs, Artificial_Intelligence, Educational_Software, Languages (planned for all 7000 plus), Modeling, WUaS_Universal_Translator

Hi Jim,

Thanks and welcome back to the Bay Area from Hawaii and the ISSIP meeting.

Concerning your paragraph ...

"University faculty who are accessing Watson's free APIs and doing interesting things in student projects are getting preference for IBM faculty awards.   Do you have faculty and students who can access those free APIs on Bluemix and do interesting projects?  For example, one of the APIs does language identification" ...

in my WUaS outreach to Reed College and well as Quaker students next weekend (1/16-1/18) in Portland, Oregon, I'll mention your "Watson's free APIs and doing interesting things in student projects" to prospective students and interns ... I also mentioned this to WUaS monthly business meeting this morning, and will explore with Larry V further possibly using some Watson APIs in student projects in both my "Information Technology, Network Society and the Global University" course this autumn 2015, as well as inquire further if Larry might do so too with his various STEM courses at Chatham.

Exciting too to see that "Language Identification," "Machine Translation," "Question and Answer" and "Visualization Rendering" have IBM Watson APIs (

As a FYI, I searched on Google and Bing for "IBM Watson / Bluemix for Android," for example, but didn't find anything.

I then found - -

and, based on the APIs at the bottom - e.g. "Language Identification," "Machine Translation," "Question and Answer" and "Visualization Rendering" - added the following -

===Select Programs, Applications, Languages, Software===

IBM Watson Developer Cloud. 2015. [ IBM Watson Developer Cloud]. Armonk, NY: .

- to these WUaS pages (with so much MIT OCW) -

Artificial_Intelligence -

Educational_Software -

Languages (planned for all 7000 plus) - (planned for all 7000 plus)

Modeling -

WUaS_Universal_Translator -

I'll look further at some of these Watson APIs to learn explicitly their potential for courses in a variety of ways, and also especially for inter-lingual WUaS developments.

Would it be possible to explore collaborating with Yassi and team to develop WUaS in WordPress with a database of Universitians, as a kind of further development in "WUaS as an ISSIP Grand Challenge," and as WUaS prepares to move from Wikia to Wikidata, anticipating the semantic web, machine learning and AI, and inter-lingually in all 7,000 plus languages?

These are all such exciting and fascinating developments.

- Scott


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