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Martes americana: Cannabis! I had forgotten that particular adventure!, Book manuscript proposal inquiry and first chapter about Harbin Hot Springs, Great ACADEMIC PRESS AT WUaS for all languages, Developing an internet publishing house business plan

Dear Andrew,

Cannabis! I had forgotten that particular adventure! Let's revisit that place again sometime together, if we're ever in Edinburgh again at the same time. And thanks for your email, and very nice to be in touch again directly. Thanks too for your feedback about WUaS - feels like World University and School is in a bubble still in not getting the word out very effectively (e.g. to high achieving high school students who might be interested in free and best C.C. STEM OpenCourseWare degrees online). Perhaps we can reach out together to Fettes College students about WUaS's planned free undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees sometime as well, both in person and digitally!

Concerning your good advice about publishing my actual/virtual Harbin Hot Springs ethnographic manuscript - thank you! While I'm still seeking to publish with a great academic press (besides Oxford's and Duke's, I may try also Columbia University Press), particularly for distribution reasons to libraries and bookstores, WUaS is planning eventually to develop a great Academic Press and potentially in all languages, in the context of the internet and information technologies - But for this, WUaS needs a very well spelled out internet-centric and
multilingual (and even inter-lingual) online publishing business plan, and especially for distribution, before this occurs. And established presses do pay authors as well! But with many more nays, my Harbin book may be a good first title, and actual manuscript, for WUaS's academic press - since part of this Harbin project of mine involves a second book and developing a virtual Harbin, as online ethnographic field site, as part of a virtual earth. Would you like to either spearhead this WUaS academic press in the UK or become its executive director with time?

It sounds like you may be living in a very beautiful part of London near the Houses of Parliament. London can be lovely. No kids here yet, but I'd like to begin a family soon-ish.

Very nice to be in communication and thanks again for your good advice.

All the best,

On 1/27/15 11:58 PM, Andrew Lownie wrote:
Dear Scott,

Very good to be in touch. I have fond memories of our trips 'Up Town' including hiding in a bush to smoke cannabis. I've been impressed with all you've created with your courses. Do get in touch if in London. I'm married with two teenage children and living by the Houses of Parliament.

As an American subject, this would be tough for UK. My advice is to self-publish using your social media skills and contacts. Good luck!

Best wishes, Andrew

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Subject: Book manuscript proposal inquiry and first chapter about Harbin Hot Springs

Dear Andrew,

Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area. It's been a long time since we've spoken as fellow students at Fettes College in Edinburgh when I was there from 1976-1977. I hope this finds you well. How are you and your family?

I'm writing because I've written a 400 page actual/virtual ethnographic manuscript with an academic audience first in mind, and am seeking your expert publishing advice, guidance or suggestions, and as a literary agent. So far, I've received negative replies, after inquiring with 3 1/2 chapters written, from the university presses at Princeton, MIT, Cambridge UK and Harvard. And after writing 9 draft chapters, I've heard negative replies from the university presses at University of California (Berkeley), Yale, Pennsylvania, and just today from the University of Chicago press with a very quick response.

I'm attaching what I sent today to the University of Chicago press for your perusal. I'm curious especially about exploring publishing in Britain. I'm next considering submitting proposals to both Oxford University Press and Duke University Press, both of which have titles on the study of the Internet.

The building of a virtual Harbin/world for comparative ethnographic field work is part of the overall project I'm planning. And there's more about my Harbin project in my blog - Harbin is a fascinating anthropological field site in so many ways.

What would you suggest for publishing this expeditiously and with a great academic press, and in Britain or in the U.S.? Whom among your contacts might you suggest sending a proposal?

Thank you!

All the best,

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WUaS needs a business plan specifically for the Academic Press at WUaS - - planned first for large languages in those languages - and particularly for distribution to book reviewers, distributors, libraries and bookstores.

Build WUaS's own information technologies for this, for the scale and languages envisioned? Or use something like "Lightning Source" book Publishing - They print on demand, and on paper or digitally ...


Just searched for this on the web:

Developing an internet publishing house business plan:

Developing an Internet Business Plan* - Major/Department guide

How to Build an Internet Publishing Business


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