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Endangered species DNA: Translating the WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE to create a University or School in your Language, World University Language Translators, Please email if you'd like to add your name or edit this " World University Language Translators" list, "Tanzanian Schools Will Teach Students in Swahili, Not English," New Tanzania World University and School

Hi Linda (at AFSC!), and Bonnie (begrateful), Byeong Seo Seong (Sean - 서병선), Marc, Shahrzad, Jayni, Govind, Tito, Donald, Axel, and friends,

Linda, I wonder if you'd be willing please to facilitate / clerk please the translation of the WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE - (just all the headings and sections to begin, but not the other content or URLs) - at CC World University and School, which will become the basis for developing WUaS in many, and eventually all, 7,870+ languages - and eventually in CC Wikidata / Wikibase - an interlingual database. 

Here's a Google Docs' spreadsheet for this, with your names, languages, etc. - 

World University Language Translators

Could you all please add the date you finished translating the headings and sections of this (or find a friend to help you with this, and add the date when it's translated)?

Please email if you'd like to add your name or edit this " World University Language Translators" list. 

Thank you!


(planned for all 7,870+)

WUaS is planning to begin the move from our Wikia wiki to MediaWiki (and later Wikidata / Wikibase (like Wikipedia)) this evening at a Hackathon down the street from AFSC/SFFM at 155 9th, San Francisco - for anyone interested. 

WUaS is heading in the direction of developing an Universal Translator ( for all 7,870 languages + and artificial intelligence and machine learning. See this updated blog post about this - - from yesterday!

Thank you!


Hi Joan,

Thank you for your email! Happy belated New Year and welcome back to your studies in Germany! Your travels in Kenya sound very fun.

I just found this article, which is also in Swahili -

"Tanzanian Schools Will Teach Students in Swahili, Not English" ... -

and began a new Tanzania World University and School -,_United_Republic_of - with plans also to be in Swahili, to which I added the article.

I added this to the Swahili World University and School - - and also to - Africa World University and School - - both not yet in Swahili or other African languages.

Good luck with your thesis and looking forward to creating online universities and schools in Swahili, Kenya and Tanzania together.

More soon about building these, and here too -

Nice to be in touch.

Best regards, Scott


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