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Hello, L and P,

Would it be alright, Lorne, to add you to the weekly sheet music emailing for Monday night open band in Berkeley at your email address above (or similar)? Would it be alright Patti to add Lorne to this ( @TheOpenBand ) emailing, if he'd like - for both learning as well as possibly for online real, real time explorations musically? (Mondays at 8p in Berkeley is about 4 am in Glasgow, so not immediately ... )

There are often piping tunes in these weekly emails (like in last evening's Intro SCD class sheet music, which I played - eg Monymusk and Braes of Mar as well as Black Bear), which I'd like to bring up to speed in 2 or 6 days' time (and we do cycle through tunes as well over time).

In seeking to build on these "Guidelines for Practicing Musical Instrument" - (and I'm also exploring and thinking about this re bliss generation - - which include

1. Seek out private instruction

2 Write out a schedule, a plan with goals.

3 Set goals to chart development.

4. ...

I'd like to focus this # 2. with this weekly SCD sheet music playing, and eventually on 1) small pipes, 2) keyboard (both hands!) and 3) with voice as well.

While I've explored this approach to learning before in terms of setting goals - e.g. - I'd like to explore this anew with you Lorne online, and think it would help if you had the sheet music ... and for learning approaches to  playing tunes in just a few days ... much as a symphony musician might prepare for their upcoming performances ... (bliss generation via music is also in the back of my mind here e.g. with this Bach music and thinking - 

Would it be alright, Lorne, to add you to the weekly sheet music emailing for Monday night open band in Berkeley at your email address above (or similar)?
Thank you!

Musical cheer :)

To a friend who texted me today asking "How are you"?

Thanks .. wish my Harbin book project's remaining 5 chapters' editing and adding photos wasn't such finicky work ... want to speed up my ongoing paragraph per day editing-indexing process to publish on Valentine's Day (and have asked Friends in Meeting for help with this) ... my blog is happening. ... good UC Hastings' Law holiday party in McAllister Building at Civic Center in SF yesterday evening, and re WUaS, but don't think I met my future wife. ..  How are you?

Fun music on Friday night too ... but like Mondays particularly much ... due to P's energy perhaps and the Hall's beauty even ...

And want to be heading back to Harbin with my wife for fieldwork and Harbin ethnographic book 2 and making a virtual Harbin for STEM research ... !!! :)

Re: what is the significance of publishing a book - There can be much meaning in publishing 

... And for many, practicing a musical instrument and editing a book aren't tedious, and socially especially perhaps ... since playing and writing, to reconstrue these words and ideas, (which do somehow cause me to balk), with enjoyable meaning, can reshape neurophysiogy as well. 

Hi Sun, S and C,

Greetings. I know you all from different spheres (Sun from Harbin, S from online archaeological postings in Twitter and G+ and C from UC Berkeley Archaeology/Anthropology and virtual heritage studies; Colleen and Sara are both lecturers/faculty in archaeology at the University of York in England).

I'm writing to share with you this Dwarka archaeological video -

Dwarka: Atlantis of the East (FULL MOVIE) (which I posted here, too, recently - - which I think might interest you for different reasons. 

S and C, you may enjoy this video because it may express in popular terms - to both people from the US, from India and from all over on the Internet - fascinating aspects of the what archaeology can reveal, as well challenges that archaeologists face. And C, given your involvement with UC Berkeley virtual Catalhuyuk in Second Life (but actually in Turkey, Sun, as you probably know), you might find this especially interesting. And Sun (as one of the smartest, greatest and longest term residents at Harbin Hot Springs - since 1980 - which is my Actual~Virtual ethnographic field site -, you might enjoy the New Age-informed India narratives about a world from the past - and with their representations of flying machines and glimpses into ancient astrology as well as complex narratives from the Mahabharata.
Amish Shah, the producer and director, who went to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, also lays out a kind of model for funding new archaeological digs in this video - as well as how to reach out about this to a large internet audience, and especially in India - and by teaching by example with this video.

I hope such archaeological research, too, will become part of CC World University and School's archaeology - - and in many languages - and eventually also for ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy - - in a film-realistic, interactive, 3D, group-buildable virtual earth in all nearly 8,000 languages in something like Google Street View/Maps/Earth with OpenSim/Second Life - see And here are the slides from my recent UC Berkeley talk about this - 
Let's stay in touch about all of this.

Friendly regards,


Thanks, C, for your email, and will do. 

The Dwarka video is also not the quality World University and School will focus on in seeking to become the Harvard of the Internet and in all countries' main languages, accrediting on CC MIT OCW and CC Yale OYC. Let's stay in touch about such great course ware since there isn't nearly enough of it yet at MIT OCW, as you'll see here - - for an undergraduate major or Ph.D. in archaeology, with only 5 courses at MIT OCW (*&output=xml_no_dtd&|WT%252Ecg_s%3AResource+Home&sectionlimit=WT%252Ecg_s%3ACourse+Home|WT%252Ecg_s%3AResource+Home&as_dt=i&oe=utf-8&departmentName=web&filter=0&courseName=&q=archaeology&btnG.x=19&btnG.y=9) - and no archaeology department! CC WUaS will also focus on digital/virtual archaeology, and in many languages, of which you're one of the world's leading faculty experts.

Thank you,



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