Friday, February 3, 2017

Banggai cardinal fish: Stanford be blowing' ma' mInd, again and again

Stanford be blowing' ma' mInd, again and again ... mind-expanding-wise  ... expanding ma' mind

{how and why?:}

... and can we move this "ethos" online into virtual spaces - group video and a realistic virtual earth?


... and via ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy, yess ... but in so many many other ways ... and perhaps by WUaS hiring Stanford graduate students to teach to CC MIT OCW faculty in video - in all of its languages ...


... Stanford speakers / faculty / students are smart, and knowledgable and have learned from history's problems, and are thus mostly progressive as well (as I see it) ...  and Stanford has vision (a good vision, in its culture), and it's a major university in California / the world, culture-wise, with ripples of counterculture in its woodwork / architecture / memes (replicating cultural units) as well ... and Stanford reasons ... liking' the reasoning/thinking at Stanford, but would like to learn more about Stanford in the 1960s/'70s re above ...

This is the talk that got me going on this blog post :) ...

(Heard a great, poetic even, talk yesterday afternoon at Stanford on, I'll call it. Latinex social theory and Fandango dance by Jade Power Sotomayor - “The Fandango Fronterizo: Moving Borders and Son Jarocho’s Speaking and Space-Making Bodies” ... - no relation that I know of to the US Supreme Court Justice, but Jade went to UC Santa Cruz and then UC San Diego for her Ph.D. and is now an  assistant professor at the University of Washington in Bothel; she may give a talk at Reed in March; I asked her if she knows my friend Carla, a former house mate and now a professor of dance at Reed, but Jade said she didn't).



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