Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Peach: Online WUaS medical schools and teaching hospitals - and with Stanford Medicine? (In all ~200 countries main and official languages)

Dear Angela, 

Very nice to meet and talk with you at - I was fascinated to see how much both Stanford Medicine presentations today could be shared in new ways online in group video and in a realistic virtual earth (which WUaS is planning to develop for both STEM research in all 7,097 living languages as well as as "classrooms" - conceptually like Google Street View / Maps / Earth with time slider and OpenSim/SL for wiki build-ability - and at the cellular and atomic levels too) - and also for medical education as well as for clinical practice.

Here are CC MIT OpenCourseWare-centric (in 7 languages - but MIT doesn't have a Med School) and CC Yale OpenYaleCourses-centric World University and School's - - beginning Medical Schools and teaching "Hospitals" (not yet in other languages):

World University Medical School - 

Digital World Medical School  - 

Teaching Hospitals - 

And here too is a related research page - 
"Clinical Trials at WUaS (for all languages)" wiki subject page - 

(CC WUaS is moving from our Wikia wiki to a new wiki emerging from CC Wikidata, which is Wikipedia's database, developing for its 358 languages, soon).

Stanford's Sumbul Desai's talk on online medicine and data - - will also inform WUaS's online medical schools/teaching hospitals as practice and approach as well, and as a kind of kernel for an online teaching hospital (which WUaS again is planning in all ~200 countries' main languages). 

Greetings too to the excellent presenters Alyan Ali, MD and Majid Shafiq, MD ( How many non-English M.D. first languages' speakers were in the room with us? 

It was very nice to meet and talk with you and it would be fascinating to explore further how Stanford Pulmonary Medicine might be extended online into a CC OpenCourseWare medical school and teaching hospital and planned in all ~200 countries main and official languages - for both the poorest countries in the world, rural health clinics but also as an online medicine option in other situations.

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