Thursday, August 17, 2017

Garlic: Welcome to the CEO and two new WUaS Corporation Board members - Julian Dumitrascu CEO, and Stanford Prof Diana Do MD, and Kyle Wagner of Transform Schools, Beginning an online Bookstore/Computer Store in English, (and the pilot languages Chinese, Spanish), WUaS Corporation web presences - WORLD UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE and ACADEMIC PRESS AT WUaS

Hi All,

You'll find here the Minutes for the WUaS Corporation Board Meeting (First) Monday, Aug 14, 2017 at 12:30 pm PT.

I've attached the "WUaS Corporation Bylaws 2017" from the template in the Nolo Press book "How to Form Your Own California Corporation" (17th ed).

Welcome to

Julian Dumitrascu as startup CEO / President of the WUaS Corporation (beginning this autumn and re 10 hours/week)

Welcome to

Dr. Diana Do MD of Stanford Medicine, and

Kyle Wagner of Transform Schools

as founding Board members of the WUaS Corporation (also beginning this autumn and aiming for 10 hours/week - or equivalent)


One of the WUaS Corporation's first goals is to begin an online Bookstore/Computer Store in English, (and the pilot languages of Chinese, Spanish as well as German) as educational services, and generate revenues and potentially code into this process THE BLOCKCHAIN and bitcoin, anticipating all ~200 nation states.


WUaS's for-profit WUaS Corporation web presences (of the 10 planned revenue streams, potentially in all 7099 languages with machine translation) presently are:

-a) as the beginning of the bookstore - expanding a page for each book into 10s of thousands+ of web pages + and first in Chinese, Spanish and German;
-b) coding this with CC-0 Wikisource in its 358 languages;
-c) using the initial book inventory of the Quaker Earthlight Books - with whom I've met and talked with a few times - in the SF Bay Area as both on-the-ground and online stock ... and possibly even in the SF Meeting House in October too)


These bookstores/computer stores + will eventually be in all 7,099 languages and, for example, be for online teaching hospital for hospital technologies too in each of all ~200 countries official languages (as educational services to the online WUaS Medical Schools).

Acting secretary / recording clerk (in a Friendly/Quaker sense) for the WUaS Corporation



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