Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Loch Carron: MacLeod version of "Make Way for Ducklings," Richard M. Robb's new book - "Brookline Thursday Club Essays: 1995-2016", Harvard Bookstore self-publishing and re the WUaS Press, Further 'Cuttyhunk in 2017' writings ... and East coast (Cuttyhunk and Boston), West coast (Canyon and SF Bay Area) cultural differences

Thank you, M,

Working on (the sheet music for) a song to the words of the book "Make Way for Ducklings" for an annual parade by your ~3 grandkids from the Boston Tea Party museum after a boat ride with the Boston Water Taxi (after a red-eye flight from the SF Bay Area) ... http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2017/07/dalls-porpoise-major-act-of-publishing.html ...  all will be wearing minute men hats (or something new they just got), may have red (or colorful) eyes (face-painting:), and be making music of some kind marching in a parade into South Station ... and heading for Cuttyhunk ... the littlest wearimg a fine baldric!!! :)

Am on the Red Line soon to transfer to the Green Line ... then to see the Robbs.

So nice to see you and P! Happy Cuttyhunk!




Hello from the Boston airport, M!

Am checked in and at gate. Plane leaves in about an hour.

Taking public transit and wandering thru Boston was fun ...

May even have crossed over paths that said fabled Ducklings book ... :)



How's your day taking shape? And how's the weather? So nice to see you, and thank you!

More ideas from these texts about your grandchildren parading thru Boston after a red eye flight :)


Thanks for your email, M,

Nice to be on Cuttyhunk!

Just got on BART after landing in SF.

Enjoyed Dick's first essay in his book - it's a history of The Whisky Rebellion around 1794, entitled "The Whisky Rebellion: Huzzah for Tom the Tinker!" touching a fair amount on Pittsburgh, PA. He wrote it for his Brookline Thursday Club .... which is also the book's title.

Liking too the friendliness of Boston while walking around.

Wonderful to see you! Happy Cuttyhunk ... keep "exercising" your mind/brain! L does so impressively ... and it seems to benefit her / them. Use it ir lose it.

Hoping your hummingbird friends show themselves magnificently over the summer!




The full title of Dick's book is "Brookline Thursday Club Essays: 1995-2016" by Richard M. Robb (https://eye.hms.harvard.edu/richardrobb).

I'd reference it this way ...

Robb, Richard M. 2016. Brookline Thursday Club Essays: 1995-2016. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Bookstore.

... in this time of digital self-publishing, and since Dick said he published it through the Harvard Bookstore (see, too - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2017/07/adaptive-radiation-harvard-bookstore.html) - and re the WUaS Press.

Very well written historical essays, so far, - written partly for this group of friends. Offers some interesting perspectives for WUaS.

More about Ducklings another time :)



Further 'Cuttyhunk in 2017' writings ... and East coast (Cuttyhunk and Boston), West coast (Canyon and SF Bay Area) cultural differences (see, too - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2017/07/sumatran-orangutan-cuttyhunk-kitty-hawk.html) ... gender plays out a bit differently coast to coast (with Harbin Hot Springs re my book - http://bit.ly/HarbinBook - as an interesting reference experience here).


Hi, M,

Slept well here. How about you?

Appreciating the conversation that both you and P, and D and L have ... think it's good for "exercising" your brains in copacetic ways/wats, and as you get to be 385 years old. (Keeping my ears open for developments in these regards at Stanford and other universities and re - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Longevity - e.g. Stanford's Tony Wyss-Coray's work ... https://profiles.stanford.edu/tony-wyss-coray and https://www.ted.com/speakers/tony_wyss_coray ... with transfusing young mice blood into old mice (then plasma, then a morning multi-vitamin), for example, and where I'll wiki-post the juicy bits - and you can too).

You might enjoy this my blog post from yesterday, as well -
http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2017/08/loch-carron-macleod-version-of-make-way.html ...

'Make Way for Ducklings' is in video with its illustrations (as a kind of remix - which redefines copyright questions) in the archive link in my blog post.

Independent Harvard Bookstore as digital self-publisher? Make Way for Ducklings with illustrations as remix video in http://Archive.org




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