Saturday, March 10, 2018

Marsh: Minutes for WUaS March 10, 2018

Minutes for Sat Mar 10, 2018 World University & School Monthly Business Meeting


Where: Electronic meeting

-       Larry Viehland (Board Chair and CFO/Treasurer of World University and School)
-       Scott MacLeod (President, Presiding Clerk and Recording Clerk of World University and School)

Minutes for World Univ & Sch, March 10, 2018

Minute 1

World University and School seeks to grow our matriculated classes through outreach, such as perhaps through collaboration with edX, Coursera, Quaker high schools, and Scottish ihgh schools such as Fettes College - by offering free online CC-4 best STEM OpenCourseWare-centric university degrees, accrediting on CC-4 MIT OCW in its 5 languages and CC Yale OYC. This will depend on web platform and blockchain developments, for example, as well as funding for outreach. 

Minute 2

In seeking to build 2 new interactive virtual university teaching hospitals in a realistic virtual earth at street view, cellular and atomic levels for all countries ... for clinical care, bioengineering, STEM medical science, and for clinical research, WUaS, conceptually, seeks to add to Project Baseline health data both at the atomic and the cellular levels. WUaS also seeks to develop these hospitals in direct correspondence to 2 on-the-ground university hospitals, such as at Harvard. This will facilitate ACTUAL < > VIRTUAL clinical care and engineering therapeutic developments in many subspecialties of medicine. 

Minute 3

WUaS is seeking to communicate further with Harvard Medical School about the New England Journal of Medicine's (NEJM) medicine learning modules ( and re online medical school curriculum, and re translation too - ( 

Minute 4 

Re my inquiry in a recent IBM CSIG talk by Prof. Latifa Al-Abdulkarim about an online WUaS Law School in Arabic in Saudi Arabia: 

Latifa Al-Abdulkarim replied that there is thus far, that she knows of, “… no online Law school in Arabic. However, I will send your request to the head of Law school in two universities, they might be interested to prepare some online material.” 

Minute 5

Information Technology: World University and School is awaiting further Wikidata/Wikibase developments with information technology developments for 

A) a WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE - and for multiple languages.

B) and Info Boxes / Knowledge Panels

Minute 6 

Universal Translator: 

WUaS is awaiting further lexicographical developments with Wikidata. 

Minute 7

Tax software:

In a recent Bay Area Accessibility meeting ... WUaS met with a senior project manager at Intuit to discuss in part: 

Intuit's Turbo Tax - and in multiple languages and with a cryptocurrency, block chain ledger, voice etc. (conceptually in a partly Google-centric environment / platform). 

WUaS seeks to consider an universal basic income as an assistive technology.

Minute 8

World University and School, as a non-profit, beyond the planned online free CC-4 OCW degrees in countries' official languages, seeks to facilitate the web platform such that schools could begin their own non-profits through World Univ and Sch. For example, in what ways could World Univ and Sch facilitate a Ghanian drummer living in Oakland, CA, beginning her / his own online school through us. This would be potentially separate from the WUaS wiki subjects for open free teaching and learning resources. 


For the Agenda items, and related information see:

Sincerely, Scott MacLeod

- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  
- World University and School

- 415 480 4577

- CC World University and School - like CC Wikipedia with best STEM-centric CC OpenCourseWare - incorporated as a nonprofit university and school in California, and is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt educational organization. 


Minutes for March 10, 2018 WUaS Corporation Board Meeting

Where: Electronic meeting

-       Larry Viehland (acting Board Chair and acting CFO/Treasurer of World University and School)
-       Scott MacLeod (acting President, Board memberPresiding Clerk and Recording Clerk of World University and School)

CEO Julian Dumitrascu emailed an important invitation to during this meeting - .

WUaS Corporation

Minute A

Due to one Board members "increasing commitments at university, s/he cannot participate in WUaS" and s/he wishes WUaS Co the best of luck. 

The WUaS Corp is sad that this Board member can no longer participate in the WUaS Co.

Minute B

WUaS is seeking to grow our team, and with founders. 

WUaS is also seeking a business oriented prospective Board member.

Minute C

WUaS Corp is seeking to develop its Knowledge Panel (like an Info Box) for the WUaS Corp.

The WUaS Corp is seeking to develop, in each countries' university in its main languages, a store / stock market / cryptocurrency (conceptuallyAndroid Pay>Google Pay?) / blockchain in ~200 countries + re payment system ... and perhaps newly with 

Minute D

In coding our new WUaS Miraheze MediaWiki for learners / matriculated students / Universitians, the WUaS Corp would like to plan for and facilitate an Universal Basic Income for all 7.5 billion people. (Nation States would want this further because this would be taxable income, and it would generate all kinds of new revenue streams for them).


For the Agenda items, and related information see:

Scott MacLeod
(Acting president and secretary of the WUaS Corp)

- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  
- World University and School



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