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Rosa Peace: Growing from Dr. Martin Luther King jr.'s vision, and World Univ & Sch, Stanford's SCOPE Brown Bag Seminar Series - Where Do We Go From Here?: 50 Years Since King's Death," Ahimsa - Nonviolence - Pacifism - To avoid harming, Black Studies, Uprisings, Occupations, Protests, Resistance & Hope

SCOPE Brown Bag Seminar Series - Where Do We Go From Here?: 50 Years Since King's Death

Dear Clay,

Thanks for your great discussion today at CERAS - - and great too to meet you afterward.

Could we possibly please meet to talk further about King's vision and wiki CC-4 MIT OCW-centric (in 5 languages) World University and School for online free university and high school degrees in all ~200 countries official languages, and wiki schools in all 7,097 living languages for open teaching and learning - and re the course you mentioned that you're developing?

And would it be possible also to talk further with you about an Universal Basic Income, planning for all 7.5 billion people - e.g. (at a key coding moment for World Univ and Sch) - and King's vision for a guaranteed basic income, in such a meeting?

And lastly, would it be possible please to see where and how you're digitizing the King papers - (and re making an online library available to students at WUaS in many languages)? I'm / World Univ & Sch is talking presently with Stanford Medicine and Stanford Law about OpenCourseWare for online medical degrees and law degrees in all ~200 countries official languages, and it would be great to see the process whereby Stanford is spreading Dr. MLK jrs' word.

Thank you.

Best regards,

- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President

- World University and School



Hi Scott,

Thanks for the note. Yes, we should get together during the next few weeks to talk about our mutual interest in creation online educational resources. Please propose some afternoon options to meet for tea or coffee (Coupa Cafe is across the street from the King Institute).

Martin Luther King, Jr., Centennial Professor of History
Ronnie Lott Founding Director
Cypress Hall D
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94301-4146


Ahimsa - Nonviolence - Pacifism - To avoid harming

Black Studies

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