Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dune: Harbin as counterculture emerging from modernity, Questions of place & time at Harbin, Harbin Valley, Traveling to Harbin, Immersion & Presence

Harbin ethnography:

... Part I thus offers an overview of the whole of this subject and scope of this inquiry.

In Part II on Harbin as an expression of a kind of hippy life emerging in response to modernity, I examine questions of place and time at Harbin. In chapter 4, I look at visuality and Harbin, the Harbin Valley, traveling to and from Harbin, immersion and presence. In chapter 5, on personhood, I examine questions about the self and identity vis-a-vis the pools, the 1960s and clothing-optionalness as milieu. In this chapter I also examine questions of gender and race, as well as agency. In chapter 6, on practices, I explore questions of language, friendship, intimacy, sexuality, love, family in relation to connectedness, oneness and the 'now.' In chapter 7, on community, I look at events at Harbin, the Harbin community, Heart Consciousness Church (HCC) and New Age Church of Being (NACOB), heart consciousness and its expressions especially vis-a-vis the pool area, and milieus of openness. In chapter 8, on political economy, I examine this business emerging from the 1960's and early 1970's counterculture, Northern California as political economy, money, property, governance, and life in the Harbin Valley.

In Part III of this ethnography on virtual Harbin, I explore Harbin as a virtual world. ...

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