Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lava Arch: Certifiably lunatick software development? WUaS Wild & Wonderful Software Focus, 4th of July Question

Certifiably lunatick software development ? ... sounds like this could lead to wild and wonderful software, something the 'edit this page' World University & School will focus on ... here's great, free, open Educational Software at

'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass' are 2 examples of certifiably lunatick textual 'software' ... there's a long trajectory of humans creating 'lunatick software' in the form of literature, opera, drama, art etc. but not much in multimedia (Packer and Jordan) that I've seen ...

Oedipus, Lear, Don Giovanni?

Sophocles, Shakespeare and Mozart as lunatics? Don't know ... don't think so ... not very much historical record about this, although they did successfully represent artistically and textually aspects of what some would call lunac ... And these authors certainly were creative ...


Were those really munitions going off in 1776 in British frigates in Boston Harbor (and due to Guerrilla sabotage) ? ... an historical question on the 4th of July ...


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