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Mandarin Fish: In a loving bliss world, what new social roles would emerge?

In a loving bliss world, what new social roles would emerge?

Yo-yo Ma-like musicians playing & creating music explicitly for bliss generation?

Contact Improv jammers,


Coloratura Opera singers,

Yoginis teaching yoga asana

(like Angela & Victor's yoga, for one)

all deliciously -

and all to elicit bliss :)

How can we generate these new roles?

(New social roles emerge in societies a lot!)

Teach & Learn about it at World University & School's 'Loving Bliss Eliciting' subject:


Getting as good as Yo-Yo Ma requires extreme competitiveness, and I somehow doubt that his early years learning to play were filled with loving bliss, or that his parents allowed him much time for loving bliss between lessons and practicing...


Agreed ... and no Yo-yo Ma am I, but it (this loving bliss neurophysiology) was there for me in early years, and has been sporadically throughout my life, and I see it in so many ways, as well as its potential ... raga musicians and raga ... and humans learn and teach ... so at least having a little subject about it at World University & School , as well as thinking about it ... and envisioning it ... are good ideas ... and perhaps a conversation will develop. (Who would have thought the 60s would have happened, to historicize the unexpected or unanticipated?)

And musicians like Yo-yo Ma for this loving bliss musical code generation? ... There are lots of virtuosos out in the world today who shape remarkable 'flow' experiences for many ...

Listen to the Rorty (who was virtuosic as a philosopher, as I see it) interview on ecstasy in Holland - it's on the Loving Bliss Eliciting subject at WUAS - he at least conceived of eliciting ecstasy as possible - unusual for a philosopher and he even tries to model eliciting ecstasy in a natural area in this video



Both videos on either side of the Rorty interview ( in the 'Loving Bliss Elicitng' Subject - e.g.

the Guitar four-hands "Iste Gitari Konusturmak Ben Buna Derim" and

Ravi Shankar raga -

are perhaps good models for eliciting ecstasy, and learning from, but not as intense as ecstasy (MDMA) itself.


Everybody develops their own approaches to practicing ... contact improv and contra-dance, for example, can be pretty easy ways into 'flow,' and even bliss, (not sure about loving bliss for everyone) from the beginning and without very much practice ...

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