Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creek bed: The actual Harbin village is a road with homes on it, for residents, called 'The Village'

Harbin ethnography:

... These now, multimedia, communicative practices give form to new kinds of ongoingly, creative, communicative practices.

The actual Harbin village is a road with homes on it, for residents, called 'The Village,' which is near the Harbin Warehouse, and which feels a little like a row of houses that were planned to be part of a village at one point but didn't generate the fabric of life, including commerce which some villages do, - nevertheless, it is the “Harbin Village,” both in name, and actually; as 'place,' the so-named 'village path' leads along a beautiful hillside and creek bed from the Harbin pool area to these dwellings in “The Village”. The Harbin residents here, and in the nearby Trailer Park, have television, and internet access has become available in at least the Trailer Park in the last year or so. While Virtual Harbin may well become a global Harbin village, for ongoing actual Harbin practices, such as Watsu (water shiatsu), accessible by anyone around the world with one gigabyte of RAM (random access memory) and a video card on their computer, as a communicative practice, it will make it possible for all of us in the future to don headsets which read brainwaves, and interact together in a Virtual Harbin in Second Life, and potentially while making music together. Residents in the actual Harbin Village may well go in and out of their houses, if they choose to, in virtual Harbin, while participating in these far-reaching, digital, communicative practices, especially by participating in the building of virtual Harbin, perhaps like building the Harbin Temple in 2005.

Foucault's Care of the Self and Harbin Hot Springs

In examining how caring for the self functions, Michel Foucault, in the 'Course Summary' in his "Hermeneutics of the Subject," problematizes how caring works. ...

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