Saturday, October 9, 2010

Darwin's Ascenion Island: Long welcome spells in the waters

Long welcome spells in the waters :)
Long Welcome Spells in the Waters

Naked & ur,
Primal, & free from clothes,
Head into Harbin's waters,
Into the welcome, warm pool ~

{I saw a woodpecker,
black & white,
as I awoke in my car,
skating up the
lower side of a trunk -
light taps reverberating
through the air -
at work,
making a living}.

Everybody is heading
to Burning Man's
freedom in the desert,
and I head to Harbin
which is quieter now,
mid-week, - still summer.

In the cave-like,
temple's rest room,
I stand on an
amazingly beautiful,
stone floor,
while floating on
its deep-wavey, ocean walls,
rose-ocher in color,
looking through
its three round windows -
two of which are portals -
and its one round mirror,
and see Harbin,
beautiful Harbin.
A domed, peaked door,
a copper banister snaking
behind the toilet,
one timber post,
supporting the wood slat ceiling,
irregularly shaped,
I revel in its loveliness.

Up to the pools, soon ...

My anthropological
field site,
Harbon's warm pool,
becomes a water site,
where water work
tranforms field work
~ poolside ~
into pool play,

... took at least
three spells of long,
welcome lingering
in the waters
to release into ease, -
to free into bodymind,
floating, flying,
lotus brain.

(2 September 2010)

( - October 9 2010)

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