Friday, October 8, 2010

Planet Orbit: Liszt - La Campanella (Kissin), Performance of extreme confidence, What means "neurophysiology" v-a-v Bliss

Liszt - La Campanella (Kissin)

JDM (a professional music writer and critic):

From beginning to end, that was a performance of extreme confidence. Really amazing. I found the camera shenanigans distracting, to say the least. I suspect Liszt himself would click "Like."


While this could be code for bliss, I found myself absorbed, enjoying the performance, but my neurophysiology didn't go into orbit.


Am a Martha Argerich/Glenn Gould fan myself. Don't know what means "neurophysiology." Was just an undergrad English major.


Moi aussi ... I think of neurophysiology sometimes in relation to the experience of taking ecstasy (MDMA) ... and how that feels (in love), as well as how scientists might characterize such neurochemistry, objectively, but with better tools, and language, than we have now. Here's the neurophysiology label from my blog: Similarly, when I'm listening to raga or the Dead, and I'm into it, and know I'm enjoying it, I think of this raga as having an effect on my neurophysiology.

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