Friday, October 1, 2010

Pamukkale: Generations of Water

Generations of Water

I stand in the shower,
a naked, human primate,
with welcome, warm
water pouring
over my cupped,
open hand, up-reaching fingers,
and full, front body ...
and wonder about
all those generations
before me,
in Africa,
in the rainy season,
water pouring over
thousands of
parents and offspring -
naked, primate
before humans

This water is
so warm & refreshing,
so welcome & regenerating.

Was that water cold at times,
in the troop I was part of,
huddling under trees,
waiting, waiting, waiting,
mating and mating,
for the next day, -
not symbolizing,
all the while
through time?

Oetzi, caught in frozen water,
some 5300 years ago,
in what is now a Swiss glacier,
arrowhead in his left shoulder,
found human, watery coldness,
at life's end.

We humans can talk,
and we can make,
for example,
Harbin Hot Springs'
warm pool,
a basin for receiving
earth-warmed waters,
in which hippies do soak
(and internally sing),
when it's warm or cold.

That beautiful
Harbin canyon,
shady & cool too,
in the heat of summer,
far from the city,
welcomes us human primates now, -
water around
your whole bodymind,
inside & out, -
easing us &
freeing us home.

( October 1, 2010)

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