Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Alpine lakes: Added these 3 views on wisdom to WUaS, Wisdom per Durant, per Stanford Encyclopedia of Phil., per Wikipedia, Ferdinand, Tao Te Ching

... added these 3 views on wisdom -

A.) Durant, Will. 1957. [ What is Wisdom?]. Will Durant Foundation.

B.) Ryan, Sharon. 2007. [ Wisdom]. Stanford, CA: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. ... and

C.) Wisdom. 2011. [ Wisdom]. CA: Wikipedia. ...

to WUaS's "Children's Literature and Wisdom" wiki subject -

and the WUaS "Philosophy," wiki subject - ...

with an invitation to come into conversation with these,

via kids' books,


or, in other ways.


All I know is that nobody likes a wise guy.




I see 'The Story of Ferdinand' as a good example of a wise kids' book, -

and the Tao te Ching ( as an adult one. :)

... add your ideas, or links, about wisdom above, or create a new wiki, subject page about this at WUaS ...

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