Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giraffes: Practices for eliciting loving bliss, How to explore peaking, for ex., for 8 hours a day, naturally, with intention, Scheduling practices?

Practices for eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology

I'd like to explore peaking 8 hours a day, naturally, with intention and agency.


... turn on this music
{so I turned on Fairfield Four channel, i.e. Gospel music, on Pandora and went 'there' in a variety of qualities, to start - ecstasy (MDMA) is a reference experience},

... dance in that way
{started dancing to above Gospel music } ...

... sing harmony, or sing

... make love ...

What else ... to explicitly elicit love neurophysiology?

... here are some resources ...

{and see the other four related 'letters'}


Now to explore scheduling such to elicit this neurophysiology, beyond the relaxation response ... :-)

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