Thursday, November 3, 2011

Waterton Glacier International Peace Park: How to facilitate people creating their/our own open university, Business Meetings 2nd Sats. in the month

How to facilitate students, and people, creating their/our own free & open university,

in a f/Friendly-informed manner

(consensus decision-making and inclusive, and hence democratic, in a Friendly manner)?

Wiki, yes ... here -

with an invitation to participate and edit this page.


WUaS business meetings are on the 2nd Saturdays of the month at 1 pm,

with an invitation to join in the conversation

in a virtual world
(on Harvard's virtual island at present

in a Google Hangout (group video chat)

is the email address for Google + and Google Hangouts)

(via conference call, or in person, at times)

to help grow WUaS.

Here's another way to access these ...

with an invitation to participate in multiple ways

in this 'wiki' process of open, free, world education,

and people-to-people wiki teaching & learning.


I'm happy to report that World University & School had its first, annual - for Board of Clerks/Directors - open, Business Meeting & Party last Saturday, October 29, 2011, engaging Quaker Business Meeting process. Here's the agenda from last week - - with how to access WUaS to participate and help it grow, if anyone is interested. We're engaging f/Friendly process in a lot of different ways, and now as wiki - editable web pages - to create a people-to-people university, with MIT Open Course Ware as its academic basis, eventually for free degrees. This WUaS Business Meeting is exciting because legally we're using consensus decision-making, - - in the manner of F/friends. As a meta-directory, WUaS will link great kids' digital resources, and allow for sharing of ideas, all of which we can engage in First Day, if we like/choose ... like resources on singing harmony -

( - November 3, 2011)

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