Monday, November 14, 2011

Glass Cactus by Leopold & Rudolph Blaschka: Solar energy, Batteries for significant electricity storage and generation? Economics, Energy Technologies

... looking for light weight batteries that will store and charge

enough electricity for, for example, six 2012 plug-in Priuses

and 4 dwellings,

from about 8 biggish rooves, walls & windows (including two shop rooves) ...

Are any such battery technologies -

or solar technologies - :)

on the horizon that you've heard of?


... will add this article

"Krugman: Only Politics Can Delay “an Energy Transformation, Driven by the Rapidly Falling Cost of Solar Power”" -

to World Univ & Sch's "Solar Energy" -

(see also links at WUaS "Energy Technologies":

and "Economics" -

(@MK - did you see this?)



I see all! Friends can get a quote here:

( - November 14, 2011)

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nano said...

Carbon nanoparticles and zno nanoparticles are use for various solar power projects.