Sunday, November 6, 2011

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Viet Nam: f/Friends and Infinite Joy dance web site, Will add to WUaS Quakers', - Nontheist Friends/Atheist Quakers?

Have f/Friends seen the Infinite Joy dance web site:

{There's a lot of ecstatic dance around in the SF Bay Area.}

They do f/Friendly dance tours regularly, to share this vision ...

love the groups' name,

and it's a fascinating example of a (Friendly) group exploring

how to get to infinite joy via dancing,

with many parallels to eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology.

I think dance is a way to elicit the neurophysiology of loving bliss

(a subject I have an ongoing interest in,

here at World University & School's wiki page for this -

There are also a number of Dance pages at WUaS -

and numerous other Arts' pages -

which might offer ways to elicit bliss, too.

See you dancing. :)

... will add this Friendly Folk Dancers' Infinite Joy web site

to World University & School's Quakers' wiki subject page -

which Mark Judkins Helpsmeet facilitates

and perhaps to the nontheist Friends / Atheist Quakers? page -

as well.

( - November 6, 2011)

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