Sunday, January 22, 2012

Honeycreeper: "Big Study Links Good Teachers to Lasting Gain," WUaS longitudinal research approaches with live MIT OCW, WUaS Great Universities-focus

"Big Study Links Good Teachers to Lasting Gain" - - WUaS hopes to incorporate such longitudinal research approaches into its offering of free Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and MD degrees. Let WUaS know if you're interested in designing such studies. WUaS plans to offer its first, free MIT High School class for credit this fall, as a feed in to its matriculating Bachelor's degree class in 2014.


And, ideally, World University & School in its early years of matriculation (2014 for its first Bachelor's degree class), would choose to stream MIT professors live into virtual spaces, like G + Hangouts with group video chat, with WUaS-hired graduated students, as online instructing aides.



Hey Scott MacLeod have you heard of this tuition-free university UotP?


Hi, BB ... Here's my letter to the Chronicle of Higher Education - - (unpublished) characterizing World University & School and its differences from UotP, and others. And here are the free (UotP charges 'fees'), open universities at WUaS (, and here are the 'great' universities for Open Educational Resources that WUaS wants to come into conversation with, in particular - And WUaS is focusing on accrediting on MIT OCW for free degrees. Thanks, Scott


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