Sunday, January 29, 2012

Macrotritopus: How to extend F/friendly process to World Univ & Sch, as wiki, Good Minus God, o?, O?, Oh? ... or uh oh?

How to extend F/friendly process to World University & School, as wiki,

for open teaching and learning to all,

and flourishingly, I'm wondering -

since it's already peace-oriented,

a f/Friendly 'leading' in so many ways,

open, for sharing,

and engages f/Friendly Business Meeting process?

... and even with some explicit explorations of f/Friendly delight at WUaS,

with more to add here - -

and here - :)

... where to both of this I added a delight section.


Good Minus God - to the above wiki subjects

o?, O?, Oh? ... or uh oh? (may add to World University and School's Religious Studies subject page - -

and/or its Nontheist f/Friends' page )

(there are also wiki Philosophy pages at WUaS - -

with many MIT OCW courses,

and for open people-to-people philosophizing, teaching and learning,

as wiki, and potentially interactively online, as well)


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