Friday, January 27, 2012

Deer Isle: lNew, wiki, WUaS, "Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT," subject, MIT Videos, Technological Innovations, Generating Overachievers?

MIT Media Lab looks to have innovative research projects in abundance

(many faculty/students/buildings/floors/significant history of Lab to product/production),

and it's big/huge, with a significant, physical object focus.

The Media Lab at World University & School ... ... plans to be in 3000 - 8000 languages and 200 countries, and would like to focus on innovation, digitally especially.

How to facilitate a kind of wiki-flourishing here?


is presently in the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge ... just learned of MIT-originating FabAcademy (not free) - - wondering how, wiki-wise, to extend the innovation here at the Media Lab into 3,000-8,000 languages at the Media Lab at World University & School ... ... will add FabAcademy to the references ... FabAcademy is about going from code to the physical, whereas the MediaLab at WUaS is as exclusively online and as INTERNET-CENTRIC as possible ...


New, wiki, WUaS, "Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT," subject page - - with one, MIT OCW course on MIT's history, - and where at WUaS we can all teach, learn and create ... there are a slew of resource-gems about MIT out there, I'm sure ... and here's the beginning of the Media Lab at WUaS - - planned for all languages, and where YOU can innovate online.


MIT History Documentary Shorts Video Collection


The way Scratch programming language - - (out of the MIT Media Lab) ... spread is first via workshops, then via educators, attention in the Media, Techie or Geekie parents, and now in schools / and after school centers, and then via friends ... good paths for WUaS ... ( ) …

Are your kids learning Scratch, by any chance?


"MIT Media Lab Rolls Out Folding Car" ... ... will add to World Univ & Sch' Electric and Hybrid Vehicles - - and to the Media Lab at WUaS wiki subjects - ... Explore creating something related at these pages ... :)


How to grow overachievers for World Univ & Sch's 1st, matriculating Bachelor's degree class in 2014? ... Here's Harvard undergraduate-run "Harvard Pre-Collegiate Economics Challenge" ... ... will add to the 'Economics' wiki, subject page at World Univ & Sch, - - which is one of the best developed, academic, subject pages at WUaS, where YOU can teach, learn, edit and create ...


Added ConceptNet from MIT - - to World Univ & Sch's budding, Universal Translator page - - (potentially in all 3,000-8,000 languages and building on Google Translate and Sugar Lab Translate ... with lots of Artificial Intelligence ( programming ( ahead - Thank you!


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