Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Quaker - Neopithecops zalmora zalmora: A Stanford / Haverford / Swarthmore (Quaker/Friendly) academic excellence ETHOS at WUaS, Quaker Network

How to facilitate a Stanford University / Haverford College / Swarthmore College (Quaker/Friendly) academic excellence ETHOS for World University & School, especially informing WUaS Research (e.g. medicine, computer science, Media Lab, etc.) ... ... at WUaS?

Hire Quaker researchers with an undergraduate / graduate degree from these great universities -

esp. MIT, Stanford, Harvard , Yale, Princeton, Cambridge, etc.?

That would do it ...


Anecdotally, people I know who have graduated from the Quaker, Earlham College, in Indiana, have seemed to love their experience / time there, more so even than at the other Quaker colleges of Haverford and Swarthmore. I wonder why this is; my sample is very small. But might this be because Earlham creates greater community, and communitas, drawing on its Quaker history, and as a fairly rural school, compared with Swarthmore and Haverford?


... would like to 'roll out' wiki World University & School, internationally, especially for accreditation in 50-100 countries, through a network of unprogrammed Quaker Meetings (e.g. in Seoul, Tokyo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Beijing, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Sydney, Auckland, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Mexico City, Cambridge, Berlin, Paris, etc. ), in conjunction with the great universities, here ... ...


Yea, JR! "Public strength" (affirming public education) - ... World University & School is public education, worldwide, extending MIT Open Course Ware / MITx ... as well as via wiki ... ... and planned for 3,000-8,000 languages and 200 countries (Wikipedia is in 281 langugages, by way of comparison).


How to generate a loving ethos, where students flourish, in an educational environment, a school, online in the case of WUaS, drawing on the histories of relatively relaxed and excellent, easy-going Stanford, Haverford and Swarthmore (due to financial stability and California/Quaker/excellence - orientations?), which seem to draw academically overachieving students?

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