Saturday, February 4, 2012

Middle Santiam forest, Oregon: Here are the first, public, blog mentions I know of abt World Univ & Sch, Where? in the blogs The Next Step & Ethnolust

Here's the first, public, blog mention I know of about World Univ & Sch - (Oct 2010) -

from Dan Kottke (this 'TV' show isn't up on the web yet that I know of).

(Dan Kottke was on World Univ & Sch's Board of Clerks / Directors / Trustees until 2013 I think -

He interviewed and taped a show with Barbara Bruechert and myself about educational innovation, and WUaS was part of this.

BB great Scott!

DK ... I'll upload it to this week, thanks Scott!


And here are the next, public, blog entries:

Giles Harrison-Conwill 's Ethnolusts' 2 blog entries - (Oct 2011) and (Nov 2011) -

and the only other public mention of World University and School I know of at this time.

(I blogged about Giles' posts here -

in my blog on October 20, 2011).

( - February 4, 2012)

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