Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fulmar: "Wee kiltie" time travel to Glasgow, Scotland, St. Kilda, Edinburgh, Fettes College, Virtual St. Kilda


"Wee kiltie" time travel to Glasgow, Scotland, in the 1950s with (ret.) Professor D.M. whom I know from the University of Edinburgh from 2003-2004. There's a wee resemblance to him today as well ... fantastic :). D is adding fascinating photos of ships, model ships, and commentary, much from the Scottish Highlands over his lifetime, in FB ... a trove of remembrance and insight, and ethnological/anthropological photos and interpretations.


Glad you are enjoying this, Scott. I remember you well, and I think you had a particular interest in the presentation of St Kilda in writing and photography....Am I right? Very happy to share my life with others in this way.


You're turning a social networking site into a very fertile ethnological archive, easily accessible by those with computers, which is super, D! (I may explore adding your contributions to the Scotland page at World University & School - I haven't yet posted my St. Kilda paper from 2003-2004 to my 'Papers' / Academe web page at - but may soon. While, in my interpretation, the nascent multimedia at the National Trust for Scotland's St. Kilda website - - did make virtual visiting possible (the guest book with email addresses on this web site was very helpful vis-a-vis visitors' experiences), I haven't yet found a virtual St. Kilda in 3-D, interactive, virtual worlds, but suspect we will at some point. (It's probably in Google Earth). Back in 1976-77, when I attended Fettes College in Edinburgh, in the 1st year 6th, I didn't have a suit, but did have a kilt (and was able to borrow a too-small, kilt jacket), in which I was able to attend (required) church on Sundays. Perhaps unlike you, I didn't mind wearing the kilt in Edinburgh. :) (I'm learning Piobaireachd presently here in the SF Bay Area from PM Donald MacLeod's "The Classic Collection of Piobaireachd Tutorials" (from the mid-70s), which are a gem of a resource; wee Donald recorded all Piobaireachds of some centuries ago. :)


Well, if it's of use to others, I'm only too delighted to share it, Scott. I am no use at 'social networking', whatever that means. I like to talk and write about the world as I see it and feel it - and make it! I'm not interested in whether people wash their faces with a blue cloth today and a green one tomorrow, whether their tummy rumbles or whatever....(-: (-: Very good to learn of your doings since Edinburgh days. I enjoyed your bit about the kilt. We all see the world differently, and that, for me, is the fun of it all. I put a little of that on FB, and those who want to have a look and a laugh, and perhaps the occasional serious moment, can do so. Keep going with the pipes - a noble calling indeed. Wish I could play them.


Just posted my "Physical and Online St. Kilda" paper which I wrote at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, some years' ago -

MacLeod, Scott Gordon K. 2004. Physical and Online St. Kilda: A Comparison of 'Senses of Place.' M.Sc. Dissertation. Edinburgh, Scotland: University of Edinburgh. -

- to my "papers"/ academe page - ...


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